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Our Customers Testify

With over 12,000 references, ESII is recognized as the worldwide leader in customer flow management; and it is also what our customers say. Here are the latest customer testimonials and practical examples of companies that have trusted us and that will give you the idea to do the same.

  • We opted for this solution when we opened our Pau city store, 2500 m2 and 8 check-outs. It seemed obvious that we had to find an efficient way to direct the customer through the available check-outs as quickly as possible. We wanted to prevent the cashier from yelling to call the customer, nearly 10 meters separate the end of the queue and the check-out number 8.

    At first, it took a little bit of time for the customer to get familiar with the system, but now everything is fine, and we couldn’t do without it. Moreover, we decided to install this system in the new store in Auch, 2500 m2 too. The customers’ wait is reduced, and the check-out process generates less stress for the customers and the staff.

    Intersport queuing
    Caroline Pelou
  • What differentiates your solution from others is the ability to check customers needs, which enables us to adapt our problem-solving program and allows faster and smoother waiting lines for customers, who are not always very happy to have to return to the customer service.

    Media Markt Netherlands
    Customer Service Team
  • As IT manager, one of my evaluation criteria for the solutions installed is the utilization rate. The different users (supervisor, systems administrator, agent) were trained by ESII and they use the solution permanently. The real time tracking of the queue line, the statistics, the traceability of the users are features that are well appreciated by the agents.

    I recommend the queuing management system by ESII for any companies that want to optimize workforce performance and productivity, reduce waiting time and enhance the customer satisfaction.

    Temoignage hopital
    Ahmed TOURE
    Chef de service informatique
  • We chose ESII, first because the system is autonomous. Second, it is out of reach both for cashier and customer, since the system is up or on the floor. In fact, some customers no longer want to go the old checkouts.

    ESII eZQ
    Gery Monier
    Manager cashier service
  • We have found ESII to be a tremendous selection for our Service Centre. The ease of the training required to become a user of the system is very beneficial as the system is designed to be straight forward and very user friendly. The ability of our customers to interact with a kiosk allows them less waiting time and are able to be directed to where they need to go on the onset of their visit.
    We were looking at a self-service model and the kiosks offered us that solution. From the kiosks we can provide instant updates with informational messaging as well as links with a QR code for information on our services the customer can explore while they wait.

    The ability to add SMS text messaging was also a great benefit. At times we are very busy and close to a mall, our customers do not have to wait at the Service Centre; they can wander and be notified by text message when they are about to be seen.

    Edmonton solution ESII
    Quality analyst
  • We had been waiting impatiently for this queue management system, which corresponds with the concept we had in mind for our pharmacy.

    This system frees up not only our patients but also our staff, which we had not anticipated. The staff is delighted as this allowed them to gain control of the queue unlike what we previously had in place from the start.

    This system seems to be better than using standard tickets in reducing waiting time, and of course much more ‘’transparent’’ a technology.

    Pharmacy Bandel
  • In Le Havre, we welcome more than 300 000 visitors per year in our 10 agencies. Wirth eSirius, we have selected a scalable queue management solution. Besides the queuing feature, we added the user reception with a ticket dispenser and we also offer an online appointments reservation system. These two tools free up time for our agents who can work on other missions. That allows us to ofer new services to citizens.

    Mairie le Havre
    Séverine De Bellefroid
    Chef du service Accueil Unique Etat Civil
  • The challenge for us was to cut waiting time. That is why we chose a powerful tool allowing users to take an appointment or to have an idea of waiting time when they come to an agency.

    Users can take a ticket when they come in and know exactly when the interview with mobility adviser is going to happen.

    We chose a waiting line opened on the internet, online. We used ESII’s API to customize booking and planning HMI. Thanks to an app, users can take an appointment in advance, and we guarantee to receive them within 2 or 3 minutes around the appointment time.

    Celine Beausse
    Directrice Marketing et développement
  • The quality of the reception but also the comfort have been improved since the installation of the system, as well as for our customer and for our employees.

    From now on,  our customers sit down comfortably in the waiting room, calmly and they respect the running order without conflict.

    The solution was expected by our agents and they have accepted and understood the system.

    Since the installation, we have noted a gain of time for the process of the requests but also a reduction of the waiting time for our customers.

    The BSIC has improved its image with a more professional reception. I recommend the ESII’s QMS.

    BSIC Ivory Coast
    Ms. Oro
    Responsable de l'accueil
  • Three elements convinced me to switch to this system: quick check-out process, the fact that customers never choose the wrong check-out counter and that we have more time to meet customers’ needs.
    We have 15 regular check-out counters and 9 in self-service. We have also installed a waiting time calculation system. Indeed, the risk of this system is the unpleasant feeling customers may have. Thus, it is very important to inform our customers about waiting time to reassure them. Then, since we have installed this system, waiting time never exceeds 4 minutes. Our customers’ and staff’s first impressions are very good!
    Logo Decathlon
    Sophie LAERMANS
    Cashier, Decathlon Alleur (Belgium)
  • The “eSirius” ticketing system installed by your company at Liège’s Financial Tower totally satisfies us.
    Agents dedicated to visitor reception appreciate this system, which greatly eases their work. Managers also like it as the software provides them with analysis and statistics tools that enable them to optimize visitor flow management. At last, visitors also enjoy this more professional approach of queue management.
    I hope this co-operation will keep on being so successful in the future.
    Logo SPF Finances
    Serge DEMBLON
    Technical Unit Agent, Tax Federal Public Service (Liège, Belgium)
  • Further to an agreement from our management board, the quality training made by ESII for all users, according to their needs (e_CLIENT, e_ADMIND, e_ViISION, e_STAT), enabled to take control over tools with a special mention to e_STAT  which ergonomics and simplicity win unanimous support.

    Logo CPAM
    Claude TUQUET
    Software designer, CPAM de Pau, France
  • We chose ESII’s queue management solutions because they met our requirements and were less expensive. With these solutions, visitors do not need to stand waiting, they can sit and wait for their turn. 
    Our staff well received this new tool as it is easy to use. The pressure of the queue has been reduced.
    We recommend ESII’s solutions to other sites!
    Logo Retraite Quebec
    Rémy Beaupré
    Retraite Québec
  • The installation of the single queue was the opportunity to go further in terms of customer relationship. (…)  Our customers often congratulate us for our reactivity because check-out process is actually quicker! (…) Our sales have been increased with items along the queue barrier thanks to impulse purchases. 
    Logo Decathlon
    Marie JOURDAN
    Customer Service Manager, Lyon Part-Dieu
  •  A survey conducted in our Villeurbanne Gratte-Ciel office shows that 86% of customers find that the current waiting lines management is better than the former one. We couldn’t go backwards now, and I definitely recommend the system to my co-workers

    logo de la poste
    Jo?lle BONNEFON
    Chef de Projet Qualité
  • We decided to adopt the ESII solution and we deployed this system in dozens of stores. One of the major benefits is customers’ flows measurement and analysis. Today we can work with accurate customers’ number and waiting times. Everything is really clear and we really use the system. It will be a problem to work today without this system and I’d rather make it upgraded instead of working without it.

    logo fnac
    Thierry CAZORLA
    After Sales Service Manager, FNAC Montpellier
  • With three waiting rooms and one reception desk and 300 gynecology and obstetrics consultations per day, we quickly realised that we would need a system to support us.

    On arrival at the clinic, the patient checks in at a self-service kiosk. The system knows when and where the patient has an appointment and directs them to the different services they need to attend throughout their visit. This means that staff are immediately informed that their patient has arrived (with or without an appointment) and so do not need to look for them in the waiting area.

    logo cochin
    Michel Biressi
    Information System Manager of the Cochin-Broca-H?tel Dieu Hospital Complex
  • Since the installation of the ESII solution, the situation has clearly improved. it's a simple tool that enables our customers to follow the state of preparation of their order.

    logo Learoy Merlin
    Stéphane LALES
    Logistic manager
  • We installed eSirius™ 2 years ago now in this agency. We faced no difficulty to install and deploy it. The system is very advanced; we can qualify customers’ visit type and therefore define a more efficient customer flow management strategy. I think that with this solution, we give the same impression of reliability and quality that we want to find on our airline and in every Air France service.

    logo Air France
    Michel LONG
    Air France KLM Branch Manager, Marseille
  • For the IT department and more precisely for the Desk Service, there was a real strategic need to quantify and canalize “customers” who were soliciting us all over the year. Indeed, before the installation of eSiriusTM, we only had a vague idea of the number of daily visitors. Yet, our range of services was increasing semester after semester…

    We were also working on another project: the replacement of our ticketing tool.

    Quickly after starting the production of the latter, we realized it was crucial to integrate eSiriusTM to this new tool (BMC Footprints Service Core 11.5).

    This successful integration, specific to the EHL, was possible thanks to the flexibility of the eSiriusTM solution and of its WebServices.

    For almost four months now, we have a queue line system in production that is totally integrated to our ticketing tool. Our “customers” got used to take a ticket to contact us. The possibility to make an appointment with the IT is also a noticeable and popular option among our “customers”.

    Moreover, the system is very reliable; there has been no problem since the implementation.

    Patrick DE GIORGI
    Application technician, Ecole H?telière de Lausanne
  • We previously had difficulty accommodating all our members at our Cissin branch, which is actually one of our larger branches. With the easy-to-use eGestat™ solution in place, our reception area is better organized and segmentation of visitors is clearer. The solution has also improved relations with members as well as our overall brand image. With the installation of video displays for customer calls we are able to communicate more information, more effectively with our members. 

    The team at ARSI is pragmatic and motivated and provided us with perfect support through this project. They went above and beyond our expectations.

    To further improve relations with our customers, our next request would be that vocal announcements could be made in our country’s other languages (a project currently in progress) because not all our members speak French.

    Patrice Ouedraogo
    of Caisses Populaires de Cissin, Burkina Faso
  • Working with ESII was a wonderful experience. Their highly professional and dynamic team helped us to set up 17 new branches of our bank during the first year, and 17 more are expected to be set up this year.

    Among ESII’s solutions are new services such as an appointment-booking service, and VIP access for bank advisors soon to be available. The Reclient programme, developed by ESII, has enabled us to improve the quality of our customer service, for example by allowing us to record interviews with our customers, meaning that our bank’s advertising discourse is well received.

    We are sure that our future cooperation with ESII will be just as successful.

    logo International bank of azerbaijan
    Mayya Dursunova
    International Bank of Azerbaijan
  • Not only have we found the system to be very scalable, but ESII was also able to respond to our requests in a timely manner.

    The eGestat interface has been seamlessly integrated into our current IT system, PERIPHAR. We have not encountered any problems with the system in the six months that it has been installed. I have also recommended this product to one of my colleagues who has just finished installing it.

    The staff no longer have to intervene in the event of a dispute over a place in the queue as the customer has a ticket, meaning they are free to browse the store without losing their turn.

    Nicolas VERDOUCQ
    Pyanet Pharmacy (France)
  • The General Lab blood extraction center needs to organize an average daily flow of 450 blood extractions and 200 analyzes collections. The queuing system provided by ESII has allowed us in recent years to ensure the management of all existing flows, keeping the same sequence number for data recording and blood collection, demonstrating also to be a reliable and robust system.

    logo labco
    David ESTRADA
    Office Manager, Laboratorio Central de Barcelona, General Lab / Labco
  • The first advantage is really waiting lines management and an anxiety free environment for our visitors. We have installed the ESII solution in one of our district city hall and now I can check in real time how many visitors are waiting, what tasks have been performed by staff, what requests have been asked, and I can benchmark those data with the ones we have at the main city hall.

    Danielle GONCALVES
    Assistant Manager, Staffing Department, Montpellier City Hall
  • Lyon city have been looking for a web solution to improve customers flows and waiting time management in its city halls and we finally adopted the eSirius™ solution from ESII. eSirius™ really improves waiting conditions with better flows management: the arrival time is guaranteed and the environment is less stressful for the visitor. Our staff daily work is also improved because they can better manage the different visitors’ inquiries. Moreover, the system provides several statistical reports that are really useful for taskforce management.

    Carole MONTALAN
    Manager, Lyon City Hall
  • We really focused on the fact that the system was easy to use. Customers are served on a “first come, first served” basis, they have a better visibility regarding available counters, and de facto our customer service is improved. With this solution, our salespersons are also more available to the customers within the first contact, and the system clearly indicates when they are free to serve clients.

    To sum up, the system is really easy to use for the salespersons, understandable by the customers, and enables a better reception at the counters.

    logo sncf
    Gérard FABRE
    Sales Manager (French Railways)
  • “The statistical reporting is a real asset to manage the system, staff is really happy with it and the environment is less stressful regarding waiting lines management. Customers are also happy, and our surveys conducted in installed stores have shown us a real increase in customers’ satisfaction. The ESII solution is a win-win situation for us and we recommend it for other businesses.”

    logo belgacom
    Monique MOERMAN
    Sales Performance & Coaching Manager, Belgacom
  • The introduction of eSirius™ in the Swisscom Shops enabled us to dramatically reduce customers waiting times. Currently our customers don’t wait more than 5 minutes and this result is really beyond our expectations.

    logo swisscom
    Claudio BERTA
    Head of IT and Projects, Swisscom
  • More than a butcher's ticket, it is a management tool. The client can continue to shop, the system manages the personal back-up, the back-up staff at the right time enable to better serve customers by reducing waiting times. It is a comfort for the client. With statistics I could improve the staff positioning in accordance with customers affluence and monitor wait times.

    logo delhaize
    Mr. et Mrs. Baerten
    AD Delhaize Hannut, Belgium

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